Jimmy Nelson Foundation

Met trots hebben wij ja gezegd op de vraag of wij ons voor de  willen inzetten. Danielle Braun als bestuurslid, Jitske Kramer als ambassadeur. Een bijzondere stichting, met een prachtige doelstelling.

The Jimmy Nelson Foundation tries to raise awareness on the way globalization affects our cultural heritage. We engage in fostering an appreciation for cultural diversity and aim to do so by connecting people from different cultures and bolster learning from each others’ shared knowledge.

Celebration. Imaging and highlighting existing cultures as part of a culturally diverse world. Here we focus on a broad understanding of ‘arts and culture’, including creative and performance art. The aim is to bring cultures together in a way that brings about mutual appreciation.

Education. Sharing information and enabling education about specific cultures. Here we focus on the communities that are portrayed and on audiences of Jimmy Nelson’s work. These projects can include support of existing institutions and organisations.

Fortification. Establishing a base for the (continued) execution of the cultural expression. This regards working together with local governments and other stakeholders in the public domain.

The Jimmy Nelson Foundation realises that these tracks overlap. We also note that from the top to bottom, each defined goal is a little harder to achieve. We will strengthen and develop our skills, as we commit ourselves to a long term strategy of realizing celebration, education and fortification of culture. “Having been born into a polychromatic world of cultural diversity, it is my fear that our grandchildren will awake into a monochromatic world not ever having known anything else.”  Margeret Mead – social anthropologist.

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